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Top Autosurf - Traffic Exchange - Auto Website Traffic

All the features to increase your website views

You can earn money by reffering others and surfing

3: Customize your site source (referrer)

4: No login required

5: No update required, Hourly control

6: Geotargeting, 15 to 60 seconds timer

7: Surf ratio 1:1 (%100), Set your favorite user agent

8: 3 Website slots for free

9: Dedicated Software, Multiple Languages
10: PayPal and Bitcoin Payments
11: Exchange by Browser & Software
12: Activate trusted sites automatically (facebook.com and ...)

13: buy organic traffic for you site

14: Get traffic each time you surf, We deliver traffic relatively fast

How it works
1: Sign up for a free account

All you need is your desired username, password and a E-mail address

2: Add your websites

You are given 10 website slots for free. Add the webpage URLs you want to receive hits to and configure the visit duration, maximum hits per hour, hits limit, traffic source and geo-targeting settings to your liking

3: Surf for traffic points

Download the exchanger application (Software). Earn points for every webpage you visit.

4: Sit back and receive hits

Why do i need more site visits!

The best way to boosting your site alexa rankings

Auto hits has a power which automatically visits other sites.

Traffic Exchange


All operations are fully automatic

Safe & Secure

This system keeps your websites safe


Your money remain in your wallet until you need it.

Experts Support

We're always stand by to solve any issue

Instant Exchange

When you buy or exchange, you get visitors

Simple & Easy

You see the best experience with our autosurf service.

1: (Hits management), Set hourly limits

2: (Lowest prices), You can buy more visitors

4: (Geo-targeting),Specify the countries from which visitors should receive traffic

5: (Live statistics),Track your surfing activity to your sites

6: Our Autosurfing site blocks all the pages that try to interrupt your surfing

7: Visitors can enter your site directly


Setup your account

Create an account and add your websites which want to deliver visitors to.
Earn or buy points Download the exchanger app and start earning, or just buy traffic package.
Delivering visitors instantly That's it, now just wait for visitors to come at your websites.